Exploring introversion in an extroverted learning culture

When you are in a learning environment, are you someone who needs time to process before answering questions or do you jump right into the discussion? Do you appreciate self-reflective exercises or large group activities? Do you think of profound and witty responses late at night or are you the class comedian? If you are in the former group, I suggest you may have introverted tendencies.

Cain (2013) claims that North Americans live in a world that is extrovert-centric; our culture (and I would say our educational system) has evolved from valuing strong moral character to valuing loud charismatic personalities. And where does that leave people like you and me, who are generally reflective, calm, contemplative, modest, serious, and sensitive?

In this blog, I plan to explore how to be more inclusive of introverted participants in the learning environment. I’d like to share some of the research and recent information I find about this topic and look at trends and changes that are happening. I welcome your ideas, experiences, and resources and look forward to learning together.


Cain, S. (2013). Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. New York: Broadway Books.


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