About Lois

Lois original

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

Creating this blog is an assignment for the Vancouver Community College’s Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (VCC PIDP). I am excited to learn this new skill for two reasons: It is a great way to record my journey through the PID program and it helps me keep up with my adult daughters who sometimes lovingly refer to me as a techno-dweeb.

I have been a registered nurse for 30 years, working in acute care, home care, residential care and liaising between them all. This year I am working with the BC Nurses’ Union in the education department and recognize a gap in my knowledge related to course design and facilitating groups – so here I am in the PIDP!

I live in Burnaby right now and my home is Nelson where my husband and one of my four awesome daughters live. My extended family lives here in the lower mainland and this year has been great to reconnect with them. I have introverted tendencies and recharge my batteries with quiet activities – reading, yoga, walking in nature, cooking, and visiting with a few close family or friends.


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